Rapid Recovery contains High Potency Vitamins and Amino Acid in a Therapeutic dose.
It comes in the form of capsules. Two capsules are equivalent to one dose.
Take the first dose when you finish drinking and the next dose when you wake up.


Rapid Recovery consists of a several potent antioxidants which may work synergistically to counter oxidative stress. This may also include countering the effects of acetaldehyde which plays a roll in diseases and after effects associated with alcohol consumption.

Disorders associated with oxidative stress Disorders associated with acetaldehyde

Ageing Unpleasant symptoms following alcohol consumption

Depression Oesophagael cancer

Unpleasant symptoms following alcohol consumption Stomach cancer

Vascular disease including heart attacks Cirrhosis of the liver

Type II diabeties Cardiomyopathy


Alcohol lasts in the body for 12-14 hours so TWO DOSES ARE NECESSARY. One at the end of drinking and one when you wake up at least 4 hours apart.




Oxidative stress is a product of modern life that may erode your wellbeing and plays a role in a range of illnesses. If you have a good night out with good food and alcohol you may generate excessive oxidative stress which may contribute to you not being your best the next morning. This includes feeling the after effects of alcohol consumption. While it is important to drink responsibly, the generation of oxygen free radicals by alcohol, and the effects of acetaldehyde which is formed from the breakdown of alcohol may lead to symptoms such as poor concentration a lack of motivation headache and nausea.

Our product has been designed to be a highly active antioxident which may have synergistic and powerful effects. In particular, the inclusion of l-cysteine one of the most potent antioxidents has the ability to regenerate glutathione, an antioxident that plays an important role in reducing the effects of acetaldehyde formed from alcohol. Acetaldehyde is believed to be a mediator of unpleasant and disabling symptoms that follow alcohol consumption and to play a role in the chronic diseases attributed to alcohol consumption.


The perception that a hangover is merely due to dehydration is a myth that has been propagated by the manufacturers of rehydration products (remember that both alcohol and caffeine will cause a small degree of dehydration, but not enough to cause hangover symptoms).

The best scientific evidence to date, is that the main cause of hangover is the accumulation of a toxic substance called acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde accumulates because the liver cannot remove it fast enough and it travels to the brain causing the symptoms of hangover.

Rapid Recovery assists the liver to remove acetaldehyde by detoxing both the liver and the brain. You can read more on our website (particularly our scientific study). If you still don’t believe me try comparing your hangovers on two occasions, once using rehydration and once using Rapid Recovery.

Another way to see if you are dehydrated is to weigh yourself at the end of an evening drinking then again in the morning. The difference in weight will equal your degree of dehydration. Try drinking any rehydrating drink and see if your hangover is cured. To calculate your level of dehydration you take the difference in your weight from the night before and the morning eg. if you weighed 70kg at night and 69kg in the morning, the difference is 1kg.This is your level of dehydration, 1kg. To rehydrate you need to drink 1 litre of water (it’s just as good as any marketed product) but it wont cure your hangover!

– Professor Laurie Howes – Co Inventor of Rapid Recovery & Professor of Pharmacology and Therapeutics.