Rapid Recovery is produced by Phoenix Pharmaceuticals Australia Pty Ltd. Phoenix Pharmaceuticals was started by Dr Jan Howes one Sunday afternoon on the Gold Coast.

While sitting having a drink with a friend Dr Howes was asked why nobody had come up with a Hangover treatment that actually worked.

Jan Howes is a Medical Researcher who has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Medicine and a PhD also in Medicine. Her research has included work in Drug and Alcohol, Phytoestrogens in Woman’s Health, Alzheimers Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis. She has been a full time Researcher for over 30 years. It was an interesting question. Why hasn’t anyone developed a treatment for hangovers?

Dr Howes has been married to Professor Laurence Guy Howes a world-renowned Clinical Pharmacologist and Cardiologist with over 200 publications. His areas of interest in research include the effects of alcohol particularly in relationship in Cardio-vascular disease.

Laurie was asked the question. He began looking into the medical aspects of the adverse after effects of alcohol consumption. This was to include available treatments for alcohol poisoning and alcoholism.

After months of researching the literature and reviewing over 2000 published papers a formula was developed.

A number of medical friends and colleagues came on board with the project. Our team now consists of

Dr Jan Howes Owner and Director of the company

Professor Laurie Howes Honorary Medical Director

Mrs Michele Kemm Honorary Psychologist

Mrs Pamela Sieber Honorary Senior Nursing Sister

Professor John Dixon Honorary Advisor

Miss Fiona Carrol Honorary Nutritionist Advisor

The proceeds from the sales of Rapid Recovery are used for the continued research into the effects of alcohol and associated diseases.