What NOT to do at this years work Christmas party!


Rapid Recovery is going to be super handy at this time of year with all the Christmas parties you'll probably be attending. But there's one party in particular that everyone seems to get that little bit extra merrier about...the work Christmas party.

Now Rapid recovery has got you covered for the potential hangover but there's something it can't help erase or fix and that's you're embarrassing behavior. So we decided to create a list of things you should avoid whilst at this years work Christmas party.

Get a little bit too merry

Being the center of attention for the right reasons at work is OK. But don't be the loud mouth employee that is caught out swearing, be obnoxious and causing an absolute ruckus just because you've let yourself get a little overexcited with the festivities and drink.

Not turn up or leave early

People will notice if you haven't turned up or have ditched the party early, especially management who may not be pleased with your team spirit. So make the effort to go if you have no reason to not attend... at the end of the day you're getting free drinks and food and spending time with your work mates you like.

Tell the Boss what's really on your mind

Alcohol is one hell of a confidence booster but DO NOT go telling the boss what you really think of them and their management skills. This is probably not going to go down well and will probably result in a 9 am meeting with them on Monday morning.

Become the office creep

There's a point where office flirting can turn into super creepy. So be mindful of what you say and best practice is to keep your hands to yourself. You do not want to be know as the office creep come Monday morning and hear all the awkward advances you tried at the Christmas party.

Drinking a little too much of the special Egg Nog

Repeat after me. DO NOT drink so much alcohol that your are vomiting, falling over or becoming a danger to yourself or others. This is just not a great look and could be heavily reprimanded when you are back at work. 

 Although all these tips seem to be common sense, we are sure you know of someone from work that has done one or more of the above things at the work Christmas party. So enjoy the Christmas season and have a few shandies on us. Have a Merry Christmas!

Rapid Recovery

Jan Howes