frequently asked questions

Aren’t you promoting drinking with product like this?

Unfortunately, drinking in Australia is costing the community over $6 billion per year in loss of productivity and sick days. This product was designed to alleviate the symptoms of hangovers so that after a day or night drinking people are able to perform in a normal and non-destructive manner and perform their normal tasks without feeling unwell.

What makes Rapid-Recovery different from other hangover treatments?

Unlike other treatments that have come and gone over the years Rapid-Recovery has been put through Clinical Trials in Australia to a standard of any Pharmaceutical on the market.

How does Rapid-Recovery work?

Interestingly the exact mechanism of the hangover is not fully understood. The hangover is not a simple condition to treat. We believe that the hangover is produced by the toxic effects of Acetaldehyde that accumulates in the brain. Alcohol is broken down in the liver by alcohol dehydrogenase it forms the toxic acetaldehyde. This would normally be broken down by acetyl dehydrogenase but due to the high levels the body cannot cope. This excess is believed to cause the all too familiar symptoms of the hangover.

What is the scientific evidence that Rapid-Recovery works?

The results of the first Double blind, placebo controlled, cross over study have shown an improvement of general well-being of 177% with marked improvement in nausea, concentration, vomiting and other symptoms of hangover.

Who should take Rapid-Recovery?

Any body who has a drink will benefit from Rapid-Recovery. Due to the therapeutic doses of vitamins and amino acids Rapid-Recovery will have a beneficial effect on the body. We would recommend that even after just 2-3 drinks there is a definite benefit in taking just one sachet. However, any more than that both sachets are required. The smaller dose has not been trialled this is just anecdotal based.

Will there be any side effects?

As Rapid-Recovery is a natural product, there are no known side effects. Some patients may find the taste a bitter. However this is best overcome by mixing Rapid-Recovery in flavoured carbonated water.

Is Rapid-Recovery a natural product?

Rapid-Recovery is 100% natural; there are no added chemicals in the product.

What if I forget to to take it before I go to bed?

The effects of alcohol remain in the body for around 12-14 hours. During this time Acetaldehyde is being produced. Rapid-Recovery will still work but as it is designed to be taken before bed the process. Will seem to take longer. The first does requires approx. 4-6hrs to be completely effective and the second dose covers the following 6-8hrs.

Where can I buy Rapid-Recovery?

Rapid-Recovery can be purchased at selected Pharmacies and on the Rapid-Recovery website.