Phoenix Pharmaceuticals staff are members of the Alcohol Hangover Research Group (AHRG) (yes there really is an academic group who are actually working on the parthogenesis of hangover).

Rapid Recovery has just completed it’s second trial. As with many trials it has opened up more questions than it has answered. We are currently analysing the results and will hopefully have the data ready for publication in the near future.

We are continuing in our Research in the pathogenesis of the adverse effects of alcohol consumption. We will be commencing another trial with Swinburne University shortly.


The answer is that complimentary medicines in general don’t. There are general rules in the Pharmaceutical Industry where Trials cannot be performed in humans until animal studies have been completed in at lease two animal model. They then progress to Phase 1 trials which are performed in healthy humans for dose finding and the human pharmacology of the drug. this is followed by Phase II, Phase III and Phase IV. Post marketing then continues for most drugs.

There are in fact no rules for complimentary medicines. As complimentary medicines require no trials to be performed before marketing. This has not been addressed and has caused Ethics committies to have no guidelines and therefore decisions are not made on the merritt of the project but by personal prefferrences in many cases.

So how do we have any idea if a combination of natural treatments can work. The answer is we don’t know, so complimentary medicines don’t bother to do trials. Although it is not illegal to put combinations of complimentary treatments together and give them to people (even though we take all kinds of treatments together) it is research suicide to attempt to do this without Ethical approval.