“Recently I went on a bucks week (way better than a night) and had enough Rapid Recovery with me to supply the whole group. There were no days activities missed by anyone attending and after 5 straight nights I was still waking up feeling remarkably good after the celebrations we had.”

- Tristan Powell

“I used Rapid Recovery on a night out, after consuming more than I anticipated…  I was amazed that the next morning I was able to get out of bed and function normally!  No headache and no hangover depression!”

- Michelle Iffland

"I conducted a trial on the product after about 17 beers with no food other than a dreadful takeaway burger on the way home at 9:45 and can honestly give it a thumbs up! Further trials of 24 beers on a BBQ boat will have to take place soon haha"



“The team who work on The Good Food and Wine Show have tried and tested Rapid Recovery to great success.  We have a few night’s out over the course of the show and many of us tried the product on these nights and found the next day we were feeling a lot better than we should have been.  We took one sachet before bed and the other one first thing in the morning and were surprised to have no headache and be able to face the day a lot more fresh than normal.  Any sign of a hangover disappeared very quickly which is fantastic.  Some of us have since used this product and found it to be excellent.  We will definitely be customers of the future and will recommend this product to everyone we know in the industry.  Some of the chefs and other exhibitors were also exposed to these products and were also impressed with the results.  Thank you Jan and the team for making our days brighter.  We look forward to seeing you at our events again next year.”

Bex Harris I Event Sales Executive on Good Food & Wine Show I Talk 2 Media & Events